What is a Life Coach?

The Role of Coach: Counsel, Companion, Confidante

A life coach empowers and advises you on how you can get through various challenges in your personal life, finance, and career. I am professionally trained and experienced in providing tailored mentorships that help you realize confidence and self-worth.


How Coaching Works

Life coaching is a collaborative process wherein you and your coach work together toward an enlightening journey to rediscovering the self. You will have progressive sessions that focus on helping you succeed in getting where you truly want to be.

Self-Assessment With the Coach

Be prepared to answer questions that delve into your current situation and the issues that keep you from moving forward. You and your coach will have a discussion on your ambitions, self-destructive behavior and thoughts, and finally, on how you can do better.

Smart Goal Setting

Your coach will help you define your short, mid, and long-term goals, weighing them against your core values and making sure they’re challenging but still definitely achievable.

Finding Ways That Work

Your coach will help you create a strategic timeline that helps develop your skills attitudes, and perspectives. You will also pitch in where you want to focus and create steps you’re willing to take to succeed.

Sustainable Plans of Action

Once you’ve assessed your current position, pace, and progress, as well as all current and potential obstacles, your coach will help you manage negativities and self-destructive tendencies. The goal here is to ensure that each step supports your objectives, staying on track, and monitoring your progress. If your plan needs modifications at any point, your coach will help you with this as well, empowering you to stay committed.

Information-Packed First Meeting

Our first consultation will be filled with enriching information and concepts to help us work through your situation. We will focus on the following:

  • Identifying Objectives and Defining Your Vision for Success
  • Modifying Your Goals as Needed
  • Designing Detailed Professional and Personal Growth Plans
  • Planning and Preparing for Financial Independence
  • Practicing Positive Affirmation Exercises
  • Emphasize the Concept of Accountability to Boost Productivity

Life-Altering Advantages and Features

According to research, training works exponentially better when paired with life coaching. You see, coaching focuses on maximizing your potential in specific areas of your life so you can experience better balance and productivity. The following are just some of the most common benefits clients experience in their journeys to personal development:

  • Articulating and Owning Your Core Values
  • Attaining Weight Loss or Fitness Goals
  • Detecting and Eliminating Your Own Limiting Beliefs
  • Experiencing Promotions or Advancements in Your Career
  • Experiencing Work/Life Balance
  • Handling Important Life or Career Transitions
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Nurturing More Powerful Connections in Your Personal and Professional Life

Do You Really Need a Life Coach?

If you recognize any of these situations or behaviors as your own, it’s definitely time for some intervention.

  • Stuck in Self-Destructive Habits Like Excessive Drinking, Eating, or Spending
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Undergoing or Undergone Transitions or Stressful Events
  • Suffering From Fear Of Failure That Keeps You From Trying to Achieve Your Goals

Anybody Can Be a Mentee

Even the most ambitious leaders regularly seek advice from their mentors and peers. Life coaching is perfect for individuals of all careers and backgrounds including the following:

  • Multi-Awarded Actors
  • Business Leaders, Top Executives, and Managers
  • Creative Professionals
  • Stay At Home Parents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners and Start-Up Pioneers

Be Brave Enough to Begin

Reach out to me today to get started on your journey toward self-development.